Food Related Japanese Vocabulary.

Learn Japanese vocabulary .

This method for learning Japanese starts at the very beginning. I assume you have zero knowledge of the Japanese language and guide you through each step. We will try to update daily japanese vocabulary in certain topic. If you have difficult in learning this Japanese vocabulary related to food, Please comment down your questions we will try to answer it.

These vocabulary are essential for daly life in Japan.

たべもの、食べ物 – food (tabemono)
ちょうしょく、朝食 – breakfast (chōshoku, asagohan)
ひるごはん、昼御飯 – lunch (hirugohan)
ばんごはん、晩御飯 – dinner (bangohan)
ごはん、御飯 – cooked rice or meal (gohan)
みそ、味噌 – miso (miso)
りょうり、料理 – cooking (ryōri)
サラダ – salad (sarada)
デザート – dessert (dezāto)
パン – bread (pan)
サンドイッチ – sandwich (sandoitchi)
おやつ、間食 – snack (oyatsu, kanshoku)
アイスクリーム – ice cream (aisukurīmu)
たこやき、たこ焼き – octopus dumpling (takoyaki)

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